Lash Care

Lash Vegas lashes should be handled with care.

Directions for use:

Remove outer packaging and carefully remove lashes from the plastic tray. Before applying lash adhesive, measure the lashes against your eye to see if you need to trim any away from the end.  Apply a thin coat of lash adhesive* to the lash band and wait until the adhesive is tacky. Press lash gently onto your natural lashes starting at the inside corner of the eye then gently apply pressure across the entire lash. To remove lashes, gently remove from outer corner to inner corner.

Lash Vegas lashes are re-useable up to 20 times! To re-use them, place lashes back in tray to keep them in perfect condition ready for next application! Remember to remove any old glue from the lashes! Put away the mascara and grab Lash Vegas lashes to intensify volume!

*Lash Vegas do not stock/sell any lash adhesive.

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